Teaching Experience

(HS 16001) Innovation at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Pune.  3rd semester students.

As part of my responsibility as a visiting lecturer at IIITP for Innovation, I endeavor to encourage creativity and problem solving among my students. I have planned the course such that students can learn to honor their intrinsic ideas. The area of interest for project is not restricted to any particular field and students are at liberty to explore any area which they feel is pressing, socially relevant etc.  Students are expected to do two projects: a Team based and an Individual. The intention is to promote both team based learning and individual  learning. My intention is to create a platform where they interact among each other in a team and learn idea discussion, conflict management and handling disagreements. The logic behind individual projects is to allow their ideas to flourish without any attempts at boxing them. An Ideathon is organized after the lectures.  Team based project ideas are presented in a class-room with rebuttal rounds from fellow students.  Idea behind this is to promote peer-peer to learning and ability to handle constructive criticism. I also provide individual project feedback.

My next visit is in November 2018 and I eagerly look forward to being with the wonderful students.

Here is the material that was used in my last visit:

  1. Introductory Presentation. Introductory
  2. Individual Project Feedback and important consideration for students taking this course. Project_wise_feedback

I do not accept any amount of salary for this activity.


Students feedback corner. I request my students to give feedback here. It makes me better. Thank you.